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I have been to many chiropractors over the last 20+ years, and no one has compared to Dr. Camille or Dr. Mitch. I came to them at my husband's encouragement. I was concerned that my BRCA2 Cancer had spread into the bones in my back, because the pain I had was so debilitating. Dr. Mitch spoke with me on the phone, and encouraged me to try chiropractic work with him for a week, before pursuing other more invasive routs. I could agree to a week, and thank goodness I did! He made all the difference in the world! I still go for maintenance visits on my back once a month, but I no longer suffer with pain. I just want to avoid ever feeling that way again. Dr. Camille does needling as well as chiropractic, and has successfully released my TMJ. My jaw no longer pops or locks up, so I can chew and carry on a normal life. Both doctors have such a sweet and gentle personalities. They couldn't be any nicer or more professional. You'll wish all your doctors had bedside manners this welcoming! The clinic is super clean and modern. Everyone is kind and friendly. I think Reagan ChiroSport Center is so great, that I actually keep a stack of their business cards on my desk, so I can refer people to them. (No. I don't get kick backs. I just love sharing information that can really benefit people.) They have certainly improved my quality of life, and I like to share that with others.
• • •
Posted By: Anonymous
The best sports chiropractor I have ever seen
Posted By: Anonymous
I have never been to any type of doctors office where they treat you as if you truly matter. I walk out of there in such a great mood because of how nice everyone is.
Posted By: brookem
Dr. Reagan and her staff are unbelievably nice and very professional. Driving in from out of town to visit was made so easy communicating back and forth with Beth and Dr. Reagan. I also received much more than I expected which was great. Thank you so much to Dr. Reagan and staff for fitting me in and make my trip well worth it. I can't wait to get back.
Posted By: brandonw
Best Dr.'s in the metroplex.
Posted By: bills
Always great care!
Posted By: marks
Dr. Camille and her team were attentive, thorough and effective. I am very appreciative of Reagan.
Posted By: michaelh
Everyone is nice and professional. Great in communicating what they will be doing and where the the pain is coming from. They spend time talking with you and diagnosing.
Posted By: larisap
I receive the care and attention I need, each visit. I am listened to; thorough notes are taken and I am aware of my improvement.
Posted By: Anonymous
Awesome service! Love this place. They have the greatest docs and really take care of you!
Posted By: Anonymous
I get excellent care and the results have been great.
Posted By: cherylb
Everyone was great and I always feel better after I leave. Dr. Reagan is great.
Posted By: lorav
Tremendous team, fantastic practitioners. You will get the best quality care in a terrific setting. Reagan ChiroSport Center truly knows the needs of highly active and athletic individuals. If you find yourself in need, don't hesitate, book an appointment.
Posted By: dough
The service is always top notch!
Posted By: rodneyw
Love this place! They make me feel so much better :)
Posted By: Anonymous
Great office. Everyone was very friendly helpful and the doctor was very knowledgeable.
Posted By: christines
I always enjoy your office environment and Dr Mitch. You are on time, friendly and know what you do. Thanks for being there.
Posted By: davev
I can always count on feeling better when I leave!
Posted By: Anonymous
Great visit always. Dr Adam is a true professional. Thanks!!
Posted By: DavidM
Always amazing. Very professional with exceptionally high standards.
Posted By: maureeni
Mel is awesome.
Posted By: Anonymous
Great visit. Feel much better
Posted By: markm
ALWAYS feel so much better after a visit to Mitch! has helped my scoliosis tremendously!
Posted By: suzannew
Very knowledgeable; positive, and friendly staff!
Posted By: sherrym
Never disappointed when I leave this place. Very sports friendly and knowledgeable of sports injuries. Thanks for making me feel better again.
Posted By: georgeh
I am always treated promptly and with great care. A heavy emphasis is placed on listening to my description of pain areas and an action plan on how to treat them.
Posted By: Anonymous
prompt, caring, professional...well cared for!
Posted By: LuannB
Excellent service, knowledge, care.
Posted By: robinb
Instant Relief
Posted By: EileenE
Dr Mitch is the best.
Posted By: anonymous
Very good! Dr. Reagan is great.
Posted By: BillD
The 1st thing I.noticed was the happy atmosphere. The staff really knew what they were doing. I felt confident in their hands. I would suggest them to anyone looking for the best Chiropractor .
Posted By: CathyH
Always so professional and warm and of course the quality of service is exceptional.
Posted By: maureeni
I have been to many chiropractors in my life and by far, Dr. Rogers is the best chiropractor I have been to. You are really given professional and top notch care at Reagan ChiroSport.
Posted By: JeanS
Very professional, take time to listen, diagnose, treat accordingly.
Posted By: anonymous
Excellent as always!
Posted By: AndrewS
Excellent treatment. Upbeat clean facility. Always on time.
Posted By: RobinB
Dr. Reagan is the best, and the office and staff are amazing.
Posted By: anonymous
Reagan ChiroSport Center is friendly, professional and the docs do a great job at straightening me out!
Posted By: amym
Great experience! I had never seen a Chiropractor and was very nervous. They explained everything as we went and made sure I was alright with it before proceeding.
Posted By: Anonymous
Dr. Mitch Dougherty is the absolute best! He is the best chiropractor I have ever had! He is so smart and he believes in teaching his patients how to take care of themselves at home. I have highly recommended him to others. Love him!
Posted By: Mary A.
Very talented, friendly and professional staff. Very pleased with my treatment.
Posted By: JanetM
More than just a chiropractor,the doctor is a caring fellow athlete that understands the demands of training and competition. Reagan ChiroSports is a part of "my" team. Thanks to the entire staff.
Posted By: MikeS
Absolutely WONDERFUL! I am so thankful that you were recommended to me.
Posted By: ErinC
Great service. Personal attention to help with health issues. Excellent all around
Posted By: PaulaH
Great doctors, wonderful support staff and above and beyond with service to meet their patient's needs.
Posted By: AmyP
Excellent facility, staff - I had wonderful results in two visits.
Posted By: pamalam
Mitch is fantastic. Incredibly thorough (I have a lot of areas that need attention, and he addressed them all well). The angles/positions combined with the amount of pressure/force he uses are outstanding. I have been going to a chiro for a long time and am difficult to adjust.
Posted By: anonymous
Everyone is so friendly and professional. They listen to you carefully and then take the proper avenues to help you feel better.
Posted By: MelanieP
Phenomenal team!
Posted By: andrews
Friendly staff, from reception to the doctors and the technicians. Treated my knee/patella problem with excellent results! Also preventive in nature as they have a sports/trainer that works with you as to what you should and shouldn't be doing to prevent future problems.
Posted By: JanetM
Excellent care by great folks.
Posted By: jayr
I am absolutely thrilled to be pain-free!
Posted By: erinc
Camille, I wanted to say thanks to your entire team for helping me complete my first Ironman. I could not have done it without the help of you, Mitch, Erin, and Debbo. Each one of them provided a different set of advice and skill sets, which enabled me to get through my injuries and physical fatigue during six months of training. Thanks again for helping me fulfill a lifetime goal. John Conger
Posted By: john conger
As has been the case throughout - I have found my experience at Reagan to be most enjoyable and beneficial. Always professional and light hearted
Posted By: alanr
It was great! Dr Reagan took the time to explain what was going on with my hips and feet while running and me some tips that worked immediately. Made me feel comfortable and Is very knowledgable in this area. The staff is great and the center is very professional.
Posted By: rachelk
Every visit I have ever had at Reagan ChiroSports Center has bas been good. I would highly recommend any froemd or colleague to visit. Love the fact that I am now pain free. Sandy
Posted By: sandym
This is such a quality group of people. The adjustments are specific and amazing and designed to get you back into action doing the activities that one enjoys in their life !
Posted By: anonymous
After contending with a Sacro-Illiac joint issue for 4 years, I was happy to find great relief here at Reagan ChiroSport Center! I definitely recommend!
Posted By: DebbieH
Mel is excellent.
Posted By: carsonh
I saw Dr. Rogers at the McKinney office and he helped me immensely. He took time to listen to my concerns and never made me feel rushed.
Posted By: anonymous
Very efficient and professional. Hoping this treatment will help my daughter and her back issues due to sports.
Posted By: sarahp
Always friendly with positive results.
Posted By: glennj
I made an appointment over the phone and it was confirmed by text the day prior to the appointment. Dr. Rogers listened to the reasons for my visit and addressed them all. He took his time and was very thorough. I'll be back to see him as the need arises. Couldn't be more pleased with the service and outcome.
Posted By: chrisc
I found the treatment and overall experience exceptional. Great chiropractor and really got down to getting me healed.
Posted By: larryl
Dr. Mitch is the BEST!
Posted By: johns
Doctors and staff are very professional, personable and knowledgeable. They seem to truly care about my well-being. Thank you for such a great experience!
Posted By: daniellem
Fantastic treatment. Fantastic staff. Always surprised by evolving breadth of treatment. Thank you Camille and Mel!
Posted By: brians
This was my first visit and I was extremely pleased - nice facility, courteous staff, very professional. Dr. Reagan was a gem. She spent a lot of time with me, explained things in detail, and gave me encouragement. I'm certainly glad that a friend of mine recommended her. Hopefully, I'll be even more positive after several sessions with and her staff.
Posted By: shelbyw
Dr. Mitch was great! He has helped my hips throughout my pregnancy. Mel's prenatal massage was heavenly :)
Posted By: jillianb
Very professional, yet friendly and personable. I went in for upkeep, feeling fine, and came out so much better. Adjusted head to toe, and felt more balanced and fluid on my subsequent long run.
Posted By: heatherb
They always greet me with a smile and call me by name. I feel comfortable with all the doctors so its easier to get a time convenient for me, but the best part is I always feel so much better when I leave. The whole Reagan team is kind, compassionate, knowledgeable and they really listen to you.
Posted By: deannee
A lot of attention and new techniques.
Posted By: Anonymous
Every one is very professional. They really have helped with my pain while helping me continue to train.
Posted By: sonjab
I felt a lot better after this visit. I'm nursing a pulled hamstring and Dr. Adam was able to give me some significant relief in advance of a major conference. I highly recommend Reagan ChiroSport Center - they are professional, affordable, cordial and the facility is gorgeous - immaculate, well-equipped and confidence-inspiring.
Posted By: jeanettep
Mel always takes great care of me.. I know I'll be active and out of pain within days of seeing him.. Love the whole staff at Reagan.
Posted By: sandrar
I have been extremely pleased with my appointments with Dr. Adam Rogers. He has been very helpful with treating my problems. I appreciate the professional attitude that is present in this practice. The assistants who provide assistance are professional as well.
Posted By: Anonymous
Anna is wonderful to work with. She's gentle, patient and kind. She explains the exercises I need to do in a manner that I can understand easily.
Posted By: Anonymous
Great care. Very attentive.
Posted By: robinb
They always take great care of me! Love ChiroSport!
Posted By: sandrar
Awesome as always!
Posted By: lisaa
Dr. Mitch has done a great job throughout my pregnancy; keeping me out of pain! Mel's prenatal massage was like heaven!
Posted By: jillianb
Jennifer is very knowledgable, all staff friendly and accommodating! Thankyou
Posted By: maryannm
Super helpful and understanding. Very welcoming. Mitch rocks!
Posted By: alexandraj
Went for pre-race ART session. it was spot ON. Mel has been consistent every time!
Posted By: bennyw
Always feel great when I leave and ready to hit the pavement again!
Posted By: sandrar
I felt very cared for at my first and second visit with Dr. Adam Rogers. He explained everything fully and I was very pleased with the manipulation and the recommendations. So far, so good! Thank you!!
Posted By: roseb
I was very pleased with everything about my visit and feel positive about my recovery with help from Dr. Rogers. They are most professional with their managing of the patients.
Posted By: Anonymous
I had a very short wait time to be treated and received excellent care from every staff member.
Posted By: MelanieI
Great! I love everyone that I have come in contact with!
Posted By: Anonymous
Very thorough assessment and adjustment!
Posted By: Anonymous
Dr. Adam and Jennifer are very pleasant, polite and courteous to work with. It's definitely not a 5 minute adjustment and your out the door. They take their time and try to help to relieve any pain or discomfort you are experiencing.
Posted By: donnab
I walked in for my appointment with out being able to move my head side to side nor up and down. The entire team took great care and had great concern for me. I am feeling much better and I am looking forward to my follow up appointment.
Posted By: milissas
I always feel so much better after seeing Dr. Mitch!
Posted By: aniceg
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Posted By: ambers
I couldn't be happier with my results.
Posted By: steveg
Dr. Mitch takes such great care in detail and his patients as individuals. I appreciate, too, the great care he takes with me being pregnant - I have no doubt he has made this a more comfortable pregnancy!
Posted By: anonymous
Reagan ChiroSport Center has friendly, knowledgeable staff and the utmost professional service. I have never had to wait for an appointment. I highly recommend them. Thanks!
Posted By: anonymous
You get very good service here. The treatments are efficient and focuses on fast recovery and long term help to avoid future injuries. First class!
Posted By: Anonymous
Great experience. Everyone very friendly. Mitch does great work along with all the Team
Posted By: Anonymous
Great practice! Extremely knowledgeable and caring. The doctors spend much more time with the patient a than anywhere else I've been.
Posted By: Anonymous
Great people, amazing doctors! I came in a mess and they put all hands on deck to fix me. Knowledgeable, clean, professional and timely!

I highly recommend!
Posted By: stephenk
I've NEVER had a bad or uncomfortable experience with anyone associated with Reagan ChiroSport Center. All of the personnel truly take each clients issues to heart.
Posted By: steveg
Extremely satisfied
Posted By: Anonymous
Everyone is thoughtful, courteous and concerned with ones problems.
Posted By: steveg
The doctors are fantastic and the office is run very professionally.
Posted By: anonymous
Dr. Mitch always provides the best care for me and my daughter so I can keep running and she can stay competitive in gymnastics.
Posted By: robynf
Always have a wonderful experience!
Posted By: maryw
Excellent service on first visit with Dr. Adam.
Posted By: susan
Everyone at Reagan is very friendly, and informed, I love it!
Posted By: emilyj
All of the care providers at Reagan ChiroSport are great! From the time you enter the door, you are welcomed. I have been to several chiropractors in the Dallas area previously, and the level of knowledge and care at Reagan far exceeds any of the others. The practitioners collaborate on cases and will reach out to other professionals if something unusual presents itself.
Posted By: anonymous
I have really enjoyed my experience at Reagan ChiroSport. Everyone is very nice and friendly and seems genuinely concerned about my recovery.
Posted By: anonymous
Horribly good
Posted By: christopherg
I always receive excellent care at RSCS.
Posted By: marybethb
This is the best place I received care
Posted By: latonyaw
Jennifer is awesome and Anna does a great job...professional and inviting environment...
Posted By: michaeld
The service and knowledge base for all employees is excellent. I am particularly impressed by the doctor's skill and her taking the time to listen carefully to the issues addressed by the patient.
Posted By: christinen
Saw Dr. Mitch and feeling almost 100%. Seeing Erin in the morning and I'm sure will be back too 102% after visit.
Posted By: steveg
The entire staff was extremely helpful and friendly!
Posted By: anonymous
I had an excellent experience at my first visit at Reagan ChiroSport Center. They are very professional and offer a wide range of services. I am continuing treatment there for an injury to my lower back. The first visit produced improvement in my ability to stand and pain reduction, after other treatments failed. I wish I had gone sooner.
Posted By: beverlys
Very professional and caring staff. I am quite impressed!
Posted By: margaretf
Fantastic service Super friendly staff
Posted By: tedc
I have been to a few chiropractors before and Reagan ChiroSport is definitely the best! All the doctors and staff do a great job. Love this place.
Posted By: lataa
Exceptionally professional and knowledgeable in their approach to treating your ailments
Posted By: michaelc
Very professional and experienced team working together as a unit. From the minute I arrived at the office I was treated with courtesy and had professional analysis and treatment. Follow up email confirmation of next appointment and request feedback of experience was welcoming and a sample of care and consideration. I would highly recommend a visit and treatment at Reagan ChiroSport Center.
Posted By: michaelc
I have been satisfied so far. I had been going to two other places for treatment over the past 2 years and no help. Chiro sport center is helping. Yay!!!
Posted By: georgial
Another new Dr - and another incredible experience Dr Adam was great. Walked in feeling crappy with stiff neck and sore back - walked out like a brand new man
Posted By: miket
Anna is awesome! From exercises to stretching techniques, she is an expert!
Posted By: scotts
Very attentive and provided information when I asked questions in relation to my injury and what I should be doing and what not to do.
Posted By: briseidar
I had never been to a chiropractor before and was so pleased with everything, the greeting, the staff very pleasant and answered all of my questions, the whole process as very good
Posted By: pennys
Very professional, informative and helpful.
Posted By: Anonymous
Always extremely helpful and friendly!
Posted By: carrieh
These guys are the best in town!
Posted By: harveyy
Very professional, knowledgable, and thorough.
Posted By: estelat
Dr Reagan is phenomenal! A miracle-worker! I sing her praises :)
Posted By: chelseah
Professional...great environment in the PlayTri store...I have never been to a chiro because I had some misconceptions about their benefits...I am glad my first experience is with Reagan ChiroSport...
Posted By: michaeld
Mitch is great....
Posted By: annh
Always great, my life wouldn't be the same without your skills and support. Excellent providers, therapist and support staff. I recommend your services regularly.
Posted By: kimberlyg
Dr. Reagan and staff have taken very good care of my daughter's sprained ankle. She is getting better every day and is almost fully recovered.
Posted By: natalieh
Mitch relieved my pain
Posted By: Anonymous
Everyone is so helpful and make a huge difference in my personal health.
Posted By: brians
What makes the Reagan Center unique is that everyone greets you and tries to assist you; you never have to wait more than 2-3 minutes and they are GOOD at their profession. Dr Mitch is as conscientious as they come and expertly senses your needs.
Posted By: davidz
Fantastic place. Very professional. Excellent staff.
Posted By: Anonymous
Couldn't be happier. All employees are courteous, polite and knowledgeable I've NEVER had anything other than great experiences.
Posted By: steveg
I was very pleased with the entire staff. Dr. Mitch explained his evaluation and treatment very thoroughly, leaving me without any questions.
Posted By: Anonymous
you guys are awesome!
Posted By: shawnnm
Fantastic care received!
Posted By: leannb
Very good treatment. Nice office, very comfortable. Friendly people. knee is responding to care and shoulder, too. I highly recommend this great place.
Posted By: robinb
Great service & feel wonderful
Posted By: christopherg
Dr. Reagan is a warm, compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled practitioner.
Posted By: jamesb
As always, the treatment was fantastic and service outstanding.
Posted By: michelleb
WOW! I have been to many chiropractors over the years, but I will never switch again! Dr, Mitch has really helped me. I've had breast cancer with reconstructive surgery that included cutting my lat muscles and sewing them to my pecs. It's been 6 years, and my back has slowly and steadily felt the toll of the major muscle loss. I was to the point of not wanting to exercise and not sleeping well because of my pain. I hurt so bad, I feared my cancer had metastasized into my back bones. I called Reagan ChiroSport Center, because my husband encouraged it. I really didn't think a chiropractor could help me. My entire side body ached. I expressed my concerns to the receptionist, and she immediately put Dr. Mitch on the phone to speak with me. He was so gentle and understanding. I knew if his technique matched his temperament, I would be in a good hands. He was awesome! He explained everything he was doing while he was doing it. He was gentle, and always waited until I exhaled all my breath before he pressed, and he listened attentively to everything I had to say. He has also gave me exercises to help heal and manage myself at home. Dr, Mitch helped me to function in life again. It's been a truly positive experience, and the whole staff is so personable and kind. I highly recommend them!
Posted By: meaganb
Dr Reagan takes time to listen before she treats. She is able to educate her patients as well as help them recover. Her whole staff is friendly and accommodating. All three of my children are high level athletes and couldn't make it without this office. We love the treatment we receive at Reagan Chiro sport.
Posted By: Anonymous
I couldn't do what I do without Dr Camille Reagan. The entire team at Reagan ChiroSport Center helps me recover faster and be prepared for my triathlons. Whether it is an adjustment, graston technique, dry needling or a massage they have it all.
Posted By: stephenk
The quality of care has been great I would say the mobility in my neck and shoulders has increased tremendously I am pain free Dr Rogers is Primo Numero Uno in my book Pete
Posted By: petem
Fantastic need I say more
Posted By: steveg
Very comprehensive and friendly
Posted By: bradleyb
My first experience with a chiropractic practice for myself. I was impressed with the consideration given all the health information I supplied and the treatment plan developed around that plus a physical exam by doctor. I do hope it all works and I can avoid surgery.
Posted By: evelynf
Excellent experience at Chirosports everytime. I have sent friends, family and co-workers here.
Posted By: Anonymous
I thought it would be just another chiropractic center but definitely changed my mind on that. I walked away thinking why haven't I tried this place before. Dr. Rogers explained everything to me which was great.
Posted By: donnab
Defiantly received exceptional care. The doctors made sure that I felt better before and after each visit.
Posted By: kimberlyr
I'm so glad I found Reagan ChiroSport. The staff are all very friendly, the doctors listen well and explain each part of my treatments. I've been very impressed with the quality of treatment I've received and I leave each appointment feeling better.
Posted By: sarahg
I told Mitch the other day that I've dubbed him my "chiropractic soul mate." Your practice has made me a believer of chiropractic care. Out of the 6 chiros I've been to over the past 10 years I've never felt relief like I have through your practice. In just 3 weeks, you've done leaps and bounds for my back and I'm now learning to strengthen it in ways that are more personalized to my needs and ability.
Posted By: kayleighe
As always, Dr. Reagan and her staff provided exceptional service.
Posted By: randym
I am extremely impressed with the Doctors, Staff and State of the Art facility. The Doctors and Staff are compassionate towards the patient. I feel this is important part of a Doctor/Patient relationship. Once my therapy is complete and I am well; I will continue to come to the Center for maintenance for well being. I have and will recommend ChiroSport Center to family and friends.
Posted By: janah
I am very picky about chiropractors, and the care they provide. The docs and staff here are top notch and meet my needs with excellent care. They have fixed my problems and gotten me on my way, on my schedule, every visit.
Posted By: johnt
Dr. Reagan is amazing!!!
Posted By: mary bethb
As always, everyone of staff are happy, competent and professional as well as very efficient! Dr. Camille is the best!!!!
Posted By: paulah
Amazing as always!
Posted By: mary bethb
I enjoy Dr Mitch and after two weeks I am already feeling less pain in my hip
Posted By: abrahamm
It was a great experience with a knowledgeable staff.
Posted By: anonymous
Mitch is the "A TEAM"
Posted By: johnw
I would highly recommend this to anyone. I have several small problems all over here and there from my neck to my feet and it causes one big problem. After just two visits I noticed a difference. The care and attention to details makes the whole experience great. I've been to 6 chiropractors in the past 10 years and Reagan is by far the best of them all. I'm looking forward to the rest of my treatment there.
Posted By: kayleighe
The staff is knowledgable, caring and compassionate and I always feel better when I leave, than when I came in.
Posted By: anonymous
Excellent care and service from greeting to check-out! Dr, Camille is the best!
Posted By: paulah
Dr. Reagan is AMAZING. A gift from God! I'm extremely thankful for finding them and it has already given me NEW life with a couple adjustments thus far and my vertigo diminishing almost completely!! Praise the Lord. The rest of the staff has been wonderful from the front office communication with Susan and setting up appointments with Brian at the McKinney location. Dr. Adams has be great to work with as well!
Posted By: robertb
Great treatment! Adjustments and techniques that really work.
Posted By: cindym
Great as always!!
Posted By: mary bethb
Dr.Regan is always wonderful. Her talents are exceptional and she takes pride in helping everyone. Have gone to her for years and I was not a big advocate of chiropratic medicine.
Posted By: betsyt
Best experience! The staff is so friendly and professional.
Posted By: sasham
Everyone at Reagan Chirosport has been great! I always feel like they listen to me, and then spend lots of time diagnosing and treating. I've never felt like they rushed through my treatments. Very good at explaining what they're doing and why. Will definitely recommend!
Posted By: anonymous
Dr. Mich saw me. He was very thorough and made sure I achieved relief from what was bothering me.
Posted By: elkeb
Excellent staff. Incredibly smart chiro's. blessed to know this place.
Posted By: cynthiad
Timely, proficient and wonderful
Posted By: miket
Great Experience, as always. Dr. Mitch is an exceptional chiropractor. I didn't believe that chiropractic care could improve/ minimize and almost completely eliminate my lower back pain. Since working with Dr. Mitch, all pain associated with my bulging disc and a herniated disc have been minimized by 80%-90%. Thanks, Mac
Posted By: michaelm
Had a wonderful experience! Mitch was great.
Posted By: loreed
First time w/Dr Mitch. He was terrific. Spent a lot of time w/me. Felt better afterwards. Caring. Clear on instructions.
Posted By: anonymous
I'm not even a good beginner triathlete and everyone at Reagan treats me like a pro! They listen to my needs, goals, and future race plans and prescribe a whole body approach to living and racing well!
Posted By: gregb
Easy to schedule appointments and very little wait time. The doctors and staff are all extremely friendly and make you feel great!
Posted By: anonymous
My daughter, who is a gymnast, was amazed how Dr. Mitch made her feel pain free in just a few minutes. Her monthly chiro appointments have made a difference!
Posted By: meganf
Loved Dr Reagan's care, knowledge, and expertise.
Posted By: jadas
Dr. Camille was fantastic to see and, as always, I felt better right away. We love the new Craig Ranch facility,too!
Posted By: christinel
Awesome staff and equipment.
Very professional and helpful. Good experience.
Posted By: steveb
The staff is efficient, kind, and helpful. Great experience. Thanks!!
Posted By: anonymous
Recovery services are wonderful. Really needed after long workouts.
Posted By: tracyp
It's always a pleasure to get treated here. The staff go out of their way to make you comfortable, and the doctors know their stuff when it comes to fixing your body.
Posted By: anonymous
Reagan ChiroSport Center is the best. The place to go for excellent care.
Posted By: anonymous
I have really enjoyed my experience at Reagan ChiroSport. Everyone is very nice and friendly and seems genuinely concerned about my recovery.
Posted By: anonymous
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