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Rehab Therapies:





Compex EMS


Compex from vendor 11-2137-compex-sport-elite-muscle-stimulator lowres2The Compex Sport Elite is a premium muscle stimulator model recommended for the competitive/high performance athlete who has a rigorous training and exercise regimen.  It features a total of 9 programs and 5 levels of progression that will keep elite athletes challenged with every training session, resulting in a true competitive advantage!





Anti-Gravity Chairs

Anti-Gravity Chair

The weight is over.  The zero-gravity Perfect Chair(R) is expertly engineered and crafted to defy gravity's adverse effects, placing the body in a position to restore its natural wellness. 


The anti-gravity chair is a unique balance of back support and seating comfort.  Sit back, relax, and then take the weight of the world off your back.  With a simple lever? adjustment, the easy-glide recline system eases the body into a virtually weightless position.



Beautifully blending aesthetics, technology and wellness in a seating experience that transcends even the hightest standards of comfort, the Perfect Chair elevates the legs above the heart, relieving weight from the spine.  In this zero-gravity position, the body relaxes into a virtually weightless posture, which physicians recommend as the healthies way to sit.  The chair's fixed-form seating position ensures maximun ergonomic posture at all recline angles, effectively alleviating soreness, tension and fatigue caused by the earth's constant gravital pull.  


  • Relaxes and rejuvenates the spine by naturally decompressing the vertebrae
  • Relieves muscle tension, soreness and fatigue
  • Elevates legs above the heart, helping to improve blood flow
  • Helps expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper, more relaxed breathing
  • Improves circulation and blood-oxygen levels




ultrasoundUltrasound uses sound waves to help reduce swelling, increse blood flow, speed up the healing process.  It also increases an enzyme called collagenase which helps to "glue" strained or torn muscles back together.  We will put a sizeable amount of contuctor gel on your body part we are working on as well as on the head of the Ultrasound conductor.  We may also use some Biofreeze muscle relief gel if you do not have any skin sensitivities.  The gel is necessary to conduct the sound waves from the head of the conductor to the body part being treated.  The conductor should freely glide across the treatment region in a circular motion. The Doctor usually instructs this treatment time between 4-8 minutes. 


Interferential Therapy


estimElectrical Stimulation is a therapeutic procedure that uses an electrical current to help relax muscles, relieve pain and inflammation and expedite healing.  There are 3 types of electrical stimulation that we use:  Interferential, Pre-Mod, and Russian.   

1.  Interferential (INF) helps to relax muscles, reduce inflammation and reduce pain in one genereal location of the body.  This therapy utilizes 2 channels or 4 leads and 4 electrodes.  Interferential means "crossed current", indicating why we criss-cross the leads or pads surrounding the painful area on the body in order for it to be an effective treatment for our patients. 

2.  Pre-Modulated (Pre-Mod) helps to relax muscles, reduce inflammation and reduce pain in two locations of the body.  This therapy utilizes 1 channel or 2 leads and 2 electrodes (set up in 2 areas). 

For both INF and Pre-Mod settings, we will set the intensity of the current according to your comfort.  Our doctors want it to be set at a level that you feel is relaxing, but you should NOT feel any pain or discomfort.  We'd like for it to tingle and feel like ants are marching around on you....we do not want you to feel your muscles spasm.  It's not "the more the better kind of thing!"  

3.  Russian stimulation helps to rehab and reactivate muscles. This therapy utilizes 1 channel or 2 leads and 2 electrodes.   

For this setting, the Doctors want the intensity to be at a level that causes the muscle to contract.  Instead of that tingly, marching ants feeling, we want you to feel a good contraction of your muscle.  It would still NOT be painful but more intense than regular electrical stimulation.  The Doctor will instruct you to do a little bit of work with this type of treatment.  We will explain how the machine will turn on for 5 seconds and then off for 5 seconds. When it's on, it's your time to work and contract your muscle.  When it turns off, you get a 5 second break too.  

Total treatment for all 3 types of electrical stimulation is about 10 minutes.  It will help loosen those tight areas and get you feeling better faster! 


Circulating Cryotherapy


Iceman smaller 11-0493 donjoy iceman CLEAR3 hires 1 from vendorDonJoy® IceMan® CLEAR3 provides a clear advantage with controlled delivery of cold therapy helping patients and medical practitioners to easily manage post-operative pain and swelling.

The IceMan CLEAR3 cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation. It provides extended cold therapy for a variety of indications and protocols as directed by a medical professional. It utilizes DonJoy’s patented semi-closed loop circulations system, which maintains consistent and accurate temperatures.






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