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Specialty Taping

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Our sports medicine doctors have extensive training with various taping procedures. RCSC's Specialty Taping can be used to prevent new injuries, stabilize current injuries, decrease pain or aid in the rehabilitation process. Dr. Reagan has devised several unique taping combinations to decrease pain while still allowing for performance. She has taught these techniques to doctors all over the world and several of these are exclusive to the doctors of Reagan ChiroSport Center. The type of taping chosen for treatment is determined by the level of injury, stage of healing, goals of the treatment and support necessary to resume activity. The three most common techniques we utilize alone or in combination with each other include: Kinesio Taping, SPRT (Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping), and Mulligan taping. 


Kinesio Taping

Rocktape is a special kind of kinesiology tape we use that is specifically made for the athletic market because it is able to withstand extreme conditions. Rocktape was designed to mimic the qualities of human skin. It has roughly the same thickness as the epidermis and can be stretched between 60% and 80% of its resting length longitudinally. This method of taping involves covering over and around muscles in order to assist, support or to prevent overuse. Kinesiology taping gives you support while maintaining full range of motion, enabling you to participate in physical activity. Depending on how the tape is applied, it can activate, relax, or inhibit muscle function. It is also very effective in the removal of swelling, correcting misaligned joints, and supporting postural muscles and ligaments. Additionally, Rocktape is water resistant, latex free, and the adhesive is 100% acrylic and heat activated.05 Clinical Services Specialty Taping

Specific Proprioceptive Response Taping(SPRT)

SPRT uses a rigid strapping tape to effectively unload the stress on injured muscles, ligaments and tendons. SPRT provides superior pain control for muscle strains over kinesiology taping. It also gives relief by repositioning and controlling the movement of specific joints. Due to the type of tape used, the SPRT method is an exceptional choice for plantar facsitis, knee pain, shin splints and muscle pulls.

Mulligan Taping

The Mulligan concept is an internationally practiced and a prescribed regimen of combing mobilization with movement. Taping is then utilized to enhance the beneficial effects of this combination to support the joint. Increased function and decreased pain are expected to be immediate and sustained with the application of these technique. Mulligan taping is far superior and our preferred method for ankle sprains, Achilles problems and low back pain.





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